What You Need Is What You Get

Typing Monkeys is a network of freelancers, creative professionals of different species, from web designers to developers up to management consultants. We like to work for the non-profit, for the culture and arts, for associations and small companies with big ideas!

Our target is to provide services working not only for but mainly with the Customer. Flexible and efficient, aiming always at simplicity !

Tell us what you need, we'll evaluate the job and provide a solution in one of these ways:

 ✔ We will do it
 ↪ a partner will do it
 ↪ we will suggest who could do it

Compile our request → form, we'll get back to you initiating the procedure to find the most appropriate work team for you.

About us
the base team

Mat Guerra

IT Consultant, Creative Director

Works as IT Freelancer since 1991:
Mat on Linkedin

  • IT Development manager at British Airways
  • Programme & project manager for British Airways
  • E-Learning: has developed and managed en e-learing platform for over six years with an international customer base such as Vodafone, TIM, Glaxo, ENEL, Seat Pagine Gialle
  • Expert in Information & Technology Management
  • Web designer and developer since 1991, with particular attention to open source and W3C standards
  • Founder of Typing Monkeys (?)

Ana Tomas

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Works in graphic design since 1990:
Ana's website

  • Freelancer as illustrator for still and motion graphics, film, tv and web with a customer base such as Adobe, Jetix Power Rangers, Cebos, Autocar
  • Web designer and illustrator for several companies in Italy and Europe with clients such as Parco Nazionale della Majella, Glialtrionline.it, NT art gallery, Alvolo.co.uk, Urbanbite, Eurodepuratori, Gemini Europa.
  • Publishing illustrator for children's books
  • Co-founder of Typing Monkeys

Partners & Peers
who we work with, who we suggest

  • Art3fatti
    Art3fatti imagefactory
    Together since 2008, we promote cooperation between free-lancers in designing and creating motion picture and video products. Specialists in post production for advertisement and broadcasting, our core business has it's baseline in the capability of keeping down production costs whilst proposing the best expertise on the market.
    Based on a core of four people with diverse and complementary skills, this strongly dynamic group is capable of quickly re-organizing according to the need by networking with high-level professionals all over the world.

  • Lynx
    Learning by digital doing

    We are specialists in high quality technical support, network installation and software developing.
    We pride ourselves in providing services and support which cater for schools, NGO's, universities and training agencies. LYNX only works with Open Source software to ensure efficiency and sustainability of your training projects.

  • Progetto Innesto

    Per esprimere le nostre intenzioni in maniera chiara, abbiamo intitolato il progetto “Innesto”, sinonimo di “propagazione”, unione, vigoria, capacità di adattamento e resistenza, valori forti che vogliamo siano alla base di questa nostra iniziativa.
    La proposta è di agire per far incontrare e collaborare l'Imprenditore e il Professionista; si prevedono iniziative volte a facilitare il loro incontro, accompagnando e tutelando queste due figure nel percorso di costruzione dell'eventuale rapporto professionale.

  • Skillweb.net
    Web site design and production

    I nostri prodotti vanno dalla realizzazione di siti di comunicazione aziendale ex-novo, al restyling, alla realizzazione di siti di informazione di enti pubblici o associazioni, alla progettazione e realizzazioni di sistemi complessi con redazioni distribuite e contenuti multimediali, alla formazione del personale e nello specifico a tutti quegli strumenti web 2.0 che sempre più compenetrano la nostra esperienza in rete.

What We Do
our main activities

Total ICT Consultancy

ICT Consultancy

We provide consultancy within the IT realm starting from strategy up to procurement: whether you need coordination for a single project, for a long term activity, or if you should need us to take over the functions of a specific unit or role within your company.
We can work with you to create the IT strategic planning for small to medium companies and associations, providing single resources or a team that can coordinate the Information Technology Management widely. In this sense we have efficient Programme & Project Managers with a modern mentality (not blurred by procedures and processes) whom can share the workload and risk through an "Innesto" procedure (implant) instead of acting as simple external consultant.[check Progetto Innesto]
This way, roles that are usually a burden for a small company can become lean and focused on the ultimate result. External resources that share the company target can, for example, assist or even substitute a Chief Information Officer or a Chief Technology Officer and subsequent roles.

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Creativity On-line

creative activities on-line

Web Identity: from branding to on-line presence.
We make functional and responsive web sites visible on any device, enabling you to be independent for the content management also thanks to the most award-winning CMSs (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal)
Thanks to our partners we can manage on-line communication and marketing and within the same area we create Video & Animation for creative advertisement.

Creativity Off-line

creative activities off-line

Corporate Identity: from the definition of the Brand, what it represents and whatthe brand must transmit, up to the planning and realization of the company image (logos, letterhead, brochure...).
We do illustration and editorial graphics for the publishing world but mainly for the Arts and single artists.
For publishers we can provide Editors, Proofreaders and Translators (EN, ES, FR, PT)


Typing Monkeys is a network of free-lancers.
We don't have a unique physical space, the classic "office", but if we want to meet we can find the most comfortable and apt place!